From darker bolder roasts to mild smoother bodied coffees, each batch is brought in weekly from a local artisan roaster, ensuring fresh and exceptional tasting coffee and espresso drinks.  

Our current estate coffee selection:

- Organic Sumatra
- Organic Ethiopian
- Organic Guatemala
- Monsooned Malibar
- Kenya AA Dark
- Organic House Blend
- Decaf House Blend
- Costa Rican Tarrazu
- Organic Gold Coast
- Tanzanian Peaberry    
- Organic Nicaraguan

Our by the cup selection changes daily and we always offer a house blend and decaf selection.  All our coffees are available by the pound.
Our Coffee
Our current flavored coffee selection:

- Cinnamon Hazelnut
- Caramel Nut
- Toasted Almond
- Hazelnut
- Hawaiian Hazelnut
- French Vanilla
- Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)
- Egg Nog (seasonal)
- Swiss Chocolate Almond
- Vanilla Hazelnut
- Vanilla Buttercream