We are proud to serve high quality artisan loose leaf tea from Rishi Tea.  As the leading Certified Organic and Fair Trade tea importer, and the winner of many prestigious awards in the tea industry, Rishi Tea offers exceptional tea with a clean, crisp taste.

Our current loose leaf tea offerings:
- Earl Grey                - Peppermint 
- China Breakfast      - Rooibos
- Wuyi Oolong          - Tangerine Ginger
- Darjeeling               - Cinnamon Plum
- Masala Chai            - Pu-erh
- Vanilla Black          - Chamomile Medley
- Jasmine Green        - Ginger Tumeric
- Jade Cloud Green   - Spearmint
- Pure White
- Peach Blosson White
- Yerba Mate

Our Tea
Tea is available by the cup or in bulk in any amount. We also offer loose leaf tea bags to brew the perfect cup at home.